Jan 22, 2022  
Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

CULA 1320 - Culinary I

Credit hours: 3

Prerequisites: CULA 1200 - Sanitation and Food Safety  

Course Description:
This is the introductory food production class for culinary students. Topics include the theories and methods of cooking, vocabulary, and the development of safe and sanitary kitchen practices. Production items will include vegetable and starch preparation, stocks, sauces and soups, poultry and egg cookery.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate basic knife skills, hand tool and equipment operation with emphasis on proper safety techniques.
  2. Execute the dice, batonnet, julienne, mince and bias cuts on a variety of vegetables
  3. Identify and use herbs, spices, oils and vinegar, condiments, marinades and rubs.
  4. Demonstrate sanitary food handling techniques, safe work practices, and proper equipment and facility use and maintenance
  5. Execute and season a number of foundation dishes including stocks, cream soups, puree soups, starches, vegetables, grains and poultry.