Jan 27, 2022  
Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

HIMT 1401 - Disease Processes

Credit hours: 4

Prerequisites: Pre- and corequisites should be defined by individual institutions and must be courses from General Education Requirements - Core and Major Field Core Courses.  * Certificate programs may have alternative requirements.

Course Description:
This course is an introduction to disease processes in the human body with emphasis on the etiology, signs, symptoms, diagnostic aids and findings, surgical treatment, medications, and treatments, including surgical procedure.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate competency in understanding basic definitions related to disease processes, predisposing factors of disease, pathology and pathogenesis and etiology by body system.
  2. Evaluate the interpretation of laboratory test results
  3. Demonstrate a basic knowledge regarding the treatment of various disease processes
    including alternative types of therapy, holistic medicine, surgical procedures, and the
    prevention of disease.
  4. Explain the different drug forms, routes of drug administration, and the drug cycle.
  5. Explain the different types of drugs used for different diseases and body systems.