Oct 05, 2022  
Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

AME 4050 - PLC Theory and Lab II

Clock Hours: 108

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Course Description:
Students will understand programming using RSLogix 5000, setting up connections to PLCs, and creating touch screen interfaces.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Course Competencies:

  • The student will understand the Allen Bradley 5000 series PLC and programming
  • The student will understand different communication systems between the AB 5000 processor and various devices - communication systems like ControlLogix, DeviceNet, and ControlNet
  • The student will understand device tags and how to use them
  • The student will understand how to use the different panels in the 890 PEC-B to simulate various real-world equipment and the programming of the control logic to operate them
  • The student will understand how to create touch screens using a PanelView and use them to operate various devices within the 5000 architecture
  • The student will understand how to troubleshoot PLC systems using the “Fault-Pro” troubleshooting simulator