Jan 22, 2022  
Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

SONO 2007 - Adult Echocardiography 1

Credit hours: 3-4 (Lecture: 3, Lab: 0-Volunteer State; Lecture: 4, Lab: 0 - Chattanooga State)

Prerequisites: Admission into Sonography Program, BIOL 2010 - Anatomy and Physiology I   and BIOL 2020 - Anatomy and Physiology II  

Industry Certifications American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography’s Adult Echocardiography (AE) (though the learner is not eligible until completing a minimum of a 12-month accredited sonography program).

Course Description:
The first of a multi-course sequence that will evaluate the normal anatomy and physiology of the human heart as part of the cardiovascular system. Emphasis will be placed on cardiac development and echocardiographic protocol for the adult heart. The learner will become familiar with basic ECG interpretation, learning the relationship between ECG timing and cardiac events, as sonographically visualized in both normal and pathologic hearts. 

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to:

  1. Diagram the cardiovascular system.
  2.  Identify basic normal and abnormal ECG rhythms.
  3. Sonographically assess cardiac anatomy using a systematic adult echocardiography protocol.
  4. Clinically and sonographically assess disease of the chambers and valves of the heart.
  5. Analyze patient history, risk factors, and signs and symptoms of heart disease.
  6. Evaluate the principals of fluid dynamics with respect to normal and abnormal cardiac flow. 
  7. Evaluate data collected from examinations to create a preliminary interpretation report.