Oct 05, 2022  
Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

AOT 2045 - Employability Skills

Clock Hours: 78

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Course Description:
Employability skills are a set of skills and behaviors that are necessary for every job. Employability skills are sometimes called soft skills, foundational skills, work-readiness skills, or job-readiness skills. This course will develop skills in career readiness.

Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Use time management skills to be as productive as possible.
  2. Understand the responsibility owed to the employer to be on time, productive and professional in dress and behavior.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of what constitutes good work ethics.
  4. Understand the importance of confidentiality on the job.
  5. Apply job search techniques, such as in person and online networking.
  6. Prepare a variety of employment communications.
  7. Demonstrate effective responses to common interview questions.
  8. Demonstrate good preparation activities for interviews.