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Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

Health Sciences

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Proposed Academic Program Inventory Title:  A.A.S. Degree in Health Sciences

Proposed Academic Program Inventory Title including concentrations: N/A

CIP Code:   31.51.9999.01

SOC Code/s:

SOC 1:

SOC 2:


Program Description:

This is an Associate of Applied Science degree program in Health Sciences that will provide a pathway for students who are currently enrolled in or have completed a Certificate level program in a Health Sciences discipline from any accredited community or technical college or are currently credentialed as allied health/nursing practitioners who wish to continue their formal education and earn an Associate of Applied Science degree. 

Allied Health Sciences discipline-specific core credits may be earned by current enrollment in appropriate allied health sciences courses, transferring credits earned in a health science-related program or an allied health sciences certificate program from a community college, or portfolio assessment of college-level learning related to an allied health discipline.  In addition to the 15 credit hours of General Education core courses currently required for an A.A.S degree, students will complete 3 required ALHS courses–ALHS 2311-Management and Leadership for Allied Health Supervisors, ALHS 2312-Contemporary Issues in Healthcare, and ALHS 2314-Medical Law and Ethics, and 2 ALHS elective courses from those listed in the institution’s catalog.


Admission Prerequisites: 

  1. Acceptance into or completion of a Certificate program in an Allied Health Science discipline from a community college.  OR
  2. Graduate from a Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) with a Diploma in a health-related discipline. OR
  3. Possess a health science credential and related work experience.


Program Outcomes:

  1. Provide a degree program that is specific to students who are enrolled in or have completed an allied health sciences Certificate program or Vocational Nursing program at a community/technical college
  2. Provide a flexible opportunity for licensed allied health practitioners without discipline-specific postsecondary education to earn college credit for work experiences or non-traditional educational programs in a health science discipline that can be applied toward a relevant associate degree.
  3. Provide a relevant degree program for allied healthcare practitioners that include college-level coursework in management and leadership applicable to a healthcare setting.


Professional Accrediting Body: As applies to health science Certificate program

State Agency/Entity Oversight: N/A

Applicable Certification/License or Industry-recognized Certificates to Be Awarded: N/A

Articulation with Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology (TCAT):  N/A

Pathway Descriptions within the A.A.S. in Health Sciences Degree:

Description: The pathways are health science Certificate programs offered at any TN community college or transferred from a community/technical college from another state.  These health science Certificate programs include but are not limited to:

  1. AEMT
  2. Animal Care
  3. Dental Assisting
  4. Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  5. Electronic Health Records
  6. EMT
  7. Healthcare Documentation Specialist
  8. Laboratory (Phlebotomy)
  9. LPN
  10. Massage Therapy
  11. Medical Assisting
  12. Medical Coding
  13. Medical Insurance
  14. Paramedic
  15. Pharmacy Technology
  16. Polysomnography
  17. Substance Abuse
  18. Surgical Technology



General Education Requirements*

  • NATURAL SCIENCES/MATHEMATICS Elective*                                           3

    HUMANITIES/FINE ARTS Elective*                                                                   3

    SOCIAL/BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES Elective*                                                  3

    One additional course from Communication, Humanities/Fine Arts,

    Social/Behavioral Sciences, or Natural Science/Mathematics*                           3-4


    *All General Education Courses must be chosen from a campus-approved list

Professional Core Course Requirements

Professional Discipline Options

Health Sciences Certificate

Health Sciences Certificate Program*                                                               16-30 SCH*

*See health sciences certificate program listing for designated college


Experiential Learning Portfolio


Additional Approved Courses

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