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Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

Radiologic Technology

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RADT General Common Curriculum Information

Program Length:

Each Radiologic Technology Program will have 75 total credit hours* (programs currently operate with previous TBR approval at 75 credits).  This is the amount of credit hours required to ensure that each program delivers the didactic curriculum and clinic experience required to remain accredited by the Joint Review on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).  It also guarantees that each student will be eligible to successfully sit for the national licensure exam (Registry) administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).  

Credit/Contact Hour Ratios:

Each program will have the flexibility to offer individual courses in a manner that best fits their unique need (e.g., lecture with a lab component or strictly lecture for a 3 credit hour course).  Some library courses will have varying credit hour options (e.g., 2 or 3 credit hours) because each program needs the flexibility to ensure that they are meeting the educational demands of its curriculum, institution, students, and communities of interest.  Each program has agreed to accept all RADT transfer credits from another TBR institution’s Radiologic Technology Program.  Individual programs will utilize consistent credit/contact hour ratios for every RADT course.

  • Credit/contact for lecture - 1:1 ratio
  • Credit/contact for lab experience - 1:2 or 1:3 ratio
  • Credit/contact for clinical practicum - 1:8 ratio

Clinical Practicum Contact Hours:

Each clinical practicum will operate with a 1:8 credit/contact ratio.  Radiologic Technology Programs across the state have differing amounts of contact time per semester.  The JRCERT accrediting body mandates in its Standards that each program must always maintain a 1:1 student to registered radiologic technologist ratio at every clinical facility at all times.  Additionally, each clinic site has been recognized and assigned a maximum number of students that may be present at one time by JRCERT (assigned capacity is calculated from a formula that provides credit for number of registered technologists, x-ray equipment, and rooms).  Individual programs must stay within its allotted student assignments and cooperate with any other radiologic technology programs that utilize each facility as a clinic site as well (e.g., private schools).  It is due to these complex constraints that clinical practicums be offered with flexible credit hours to ensure that students receive clinical contact time in a way that is conducive to learning, allows cooperation with other private programs that are also operating within the same clinical site, as well as maintain clinic site recognition and program accreditation through JRCERT.

2 credit hours = 200 - 300 contact hours

3 credit hours = 301 - 450 contact hours

4 credit hours = 451 - 600 contact hours

General Education Requirements

Additional Approved Courses

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