Mar 27, 2023  
Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

Dental Assisting

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Approved Academic Program Inventory Titles:  

  1. Technical Certificate in Dental Assisting
  2. A.A.S. in Health Sciences with concentration in: Dental Assisting
  3. A.A.S. in Dental Assisting (preferred)

CIP Code: Dental Assistant: 31.51.0601.00

SOC Code/s:31-9091.00

Program Description: The dental assisting program is composed of didactic and clinical instruction and is designed and organized to promote the personal and professional growth of each student. The main objectives of the program are to prepare the student to function in the dental setting and to academically qualify for the Dental Assistant National Board certification examination and the Tennessee Board of Dentistry application process. The program in Dental Assisting is accredited by the Council on Post-secondary Accreditation and the United States Department of Education.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Students will apply and demonstrate the basic knowledge of dental assisting in the dental setting and the career options.
  2. Students will demonstrate the basic skills to be a competent dental assistant
  3. Students will define the terminology unique to dental assisting
  4. Students will illustrate comprehension of professional ethical standards for dental assisting
  5. Students will apply and demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills within the parameters of dental assisting

Concentration CIP Code: 31.51.0601.00

Professional Accrediting Body: American Dental Association- Commission on Dental Accreditation

State Agency/Entity Oversight:  N/A

Applicable Certification/License or Industry-recognized Certificates to Be Awarded:   The Tennessee Registered Dental Assistant license is required by the Tennessee Board of Dentistry.

Articulation with Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology (TCAT):  NONE AT THIS TIME

Concentration(s) within the A.A.S. in _____Dental Assisting_____

The concentration requires the same courses that are required for the approved Dental Assisting credential, along with courses required to complete the A.A.S. in Health Sciences.  Other appropriate degrees may be identified in the future.  However, this would require Board approval.


General Education Requirements*

Course                                                16 SCH                    
ENGL 1010 -English Composition I   3
BIOL 2010  - Anatomy and Physiology I   4
HUM/FA- Humanities/Fine Arts 3
PSYC 1030 - General Psychology   3
COMM 2025- Public Speaking   3

*All General Education Courses must be chosen from a campus-approved list.

Additional Approved Courses

*Required course for the major field core.  All programs must deliver these courses.

(This list includes the courses identified in the previous section for the Professional Core Course Requirements, i.e., Major Field Core, followed by ALL other courses from which TBR institutions can choose to develop this same program, but with appropriate flexibility to address local and regional workforce needs or unique concerns of an institution.  If a certificate program is embedded within this degree, all courses required for the certificate will have to be included in this Library.)
(Rubrics are assigned with 4 alpha letters and 4 digits.  The first digit is assigned based upon the course level (1st year or 2nd year).  The last three digits are to be used for course sequencing or to help classify courses as identified by faculty in areas such as clinical courses, labs, work experience, etc.

Note:  Courses that may be used for special needs, but not required for the degree should also be considered in this section.  However, an asterisk (*) may be used to identify the unique need, such as, but not limited to, a bridge or transition course to validate competencies from work experience or from the TCATS.

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