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Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

General Technology

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CIP Code 30.0000

Title: Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General.


Definition: A program that derives from two or more distinct programs and that is integrated around a unifying theme or topic that cannot be subsumed under a single discipline or occupational field.



The institution’s Catalog will provide a program description to satisfy the requirements provided below.  Each student admitted to this degree program must meet with an advisor to establish a completion pathway for a program that best meets the student’s unique academic and career goals.  All course credits should provide potential value toward the achievement of these goals and also lead to opportunities for initial employment or career progression.  


If an institution does not currently have the A.A.S. in General Technology on their Academic Program Inventory (API), TBR Policy 2:01:01:00 and TBR Guideline A-010 define  the requirements for establishing a new degree. If an institution currently has this degree on the API or a comparable program with a different title, such as, the A.A.S. in Applied Science, the institution must follow the instructions provided in the policy and guideline to revise the existing program in compliance with the requirements.  This may require multiple actions such as, termination and phase-out of concentrations, revision of curriculum and CIP Code, and a name change. The institution’s curriculum committee must review and approve revisions prior to sending to the Board for final approval.  However, since this will be approved by the Board as a “Common Course Library,” approval by delegated authority from the Chancellor can be anticipated quickly after submission to the TBR.  TBR staff can provide assistance in simplifying the process if issues and questions arise.



The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in General Technology prepares students for unique positions in the workplace for which specified degree programs do not currently exist. It is not intended for large-scale application, but is to be used to meet customized, industry-specific needs and/or unique academic and career goals identified by the student. The program consists of 1) general education in compliance with TBR policy, 2) a major field core created from courses required in the major field core of two existing approved academic programs listed on the institution’s Academic Program Inventory (API), as published by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, and 3) the remaining courses selected from those same two academic programs.  The curriculum developed within this framework must be clarified in an individualized plan, established with guidance from an assigned advisor.

The flexible design of the degree allows students to focus on those unique skillsets identified by employers as essential for a particular workplace. If the student has a unique combination of experiences or a unique career goal that has the potential of enhanced employment opportunities, this may also lead to a specialized unique curriculum. The limitation of the curriculum to two (2) existing programs on the API, is designed to ensure that students have the proper depth of experience, training, and skills to begin work in the chosen field upon successful completion of their customized program of study.



General Education: Minimum: 15 - 17 SCH (per TBR policy and defined with the        appropriate default pathway with limited options)

Major Field Core: Minimum: 18 SCH from the major field core any two existing  

                                                           programs (degree or certificate) on the API

The 18 SCH may be defined in various ways from the two programs.  A minimum of 6 SCH must come from one program with the remainder coming from the major field core of the other program.

Completion Pathway Courses: The remaining 25 to 27 SCH will be chosen from the same two (2) programs (or Common Course Libraries, if established).

Total Semester Credit Hours: 60 - 63 SCH (with up to an additional 3 SCH allowed for the College Success Course)

Faculty may also make substitutions with approval from the Dean or Chief Academic Officer (or designee identified by the Dean or Chief Academic Officer) in accordance with policy to be established by the institution.  Substitutions should document the appropriateness of the course in lieu of the student’s academic and career goals.

In addition to the above parameters for courses to be selected from any two existing programs delivered by the institution, the Common Course Library for the A.A.S. in General Technology will include a course for “Special Topics” with 1 - 3 SCH that can be repeated up to a maximum of _x_ SCH, to be established by institutional policy. 


The A.A.S. in General Technology will be administered through the (state the department and/or division). 



Students will be able to:

  1. Utilize diverse disciplines to enhance communication, research, business or technology skills in the workplace
  2. Connect relevant experience and academic knowledge  
  3. Integrate knowledge and modes of thinking drawn from two or more disciplines
  4. Adapt and apply skills, abilities, theories, or methodologies gained in one situation to new situations
  5. Develop effective problem-management and decision-making skills.
  6. Effectively use professional skills: 
  • Taking responsibility (self-motivation, ethical behavior, managing time) 
  • Write and speak clearly (legibly) and persuasively with individuals and groups
  • Working effectively with others (building good relationships, effective leadership and team member, influencing others, managing others) 
  • Asking and answering the right questions (apply knowledge, evaluate actions and policies, paying attention to details) 
  • Solving problems (identify problems, develop solutions, and implement solutions)

*The institution may choose to list the title on the API as the A.A.S. in General Technology, but then allow the student to identify the degree to be more descriptive, such as the “A.A.S. in General Technology - Business/Computers” or the “A.A.S. in General Technology - Criminal Justice/Cyber Defense.”  This could be added to the transcript and/or diploma if the institution found appropriate, and that sufficient resources to manually make this notation on the transcript (since it will probably not be possible to automate this function in BANNER for some time-if ever).

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