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Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

Water Quality Technology

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Academic Program Inventory Title/s:  

A.A.S. in Environmental Science Technology


CIP Code: 15.0506 (Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment Management and Recycling Technology)

2018 SOC Code:  51-8031 (Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant and System Operators) 


Program Description:

The Environmental Science Technology program is designed to train individuals for careers in water and wastewater treatment operations. Instructional materials align with those used for state-level certifications, so graduates from this program will be prepared for state-level certification in water and wastewater treatment operations. The program provides both operational theory and a strong practical background in mathematics, chemistry and aquatic sciences through coursework, site visits and a capstone project conducted at a local water or wastewater treatment facility.


Environmental Science Technology General Outcomes (Program Learning Objectives) 

  1. Apply physical, chemical, and biological concepts and principles while learning to operate water or wastewater treatment systems for sustainable outcomes.
  2. Develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to properly use the equipment, instruments, software, and technical reference materials commonly used in water or wastewater treatment operations.
  3. Communicate effectively using well-developed written, spoken, and visual methods. 
  4. Assimilate and practice the concepts and principles of working in a team environment.
  5. Obtain employment within the discipline. 


Professional Accrediting Body: None

There is not an accrediting agency for this program. There is a state agency, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), which oversees the certification process for water/wastewater operators. We hope to work with the TDEC to have the Environmental Science Technology A.A.S. program officially recognized.


State Agency/Entity Oversight: see Professional Accrediting Body, above.

Certifications/License or Industry-recognized Certificates: State Authorization Classification of Systems, Facilities, and Operators Operator Qualifications Enforcement Certification Renewal Tennessee Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Act T.C.A. 68-221-901 through 68-221-915, and Rules of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Board of Certification for Water and Wastewater Operators (the Board): Chapter 0400-49-01.The Division of Water Resources (the Division), within the TDEC, administers the compliance portion of the Operator Certification Program.  

Certifications: WTP I-IV; WWTP I-IV

Related TCAT Diploma Programs: None


60 hours

General Education Requirements*

Course 23 SCH
Rubric/Number/Course Title Credit Hours
CHEM 1110 - General Chemistry I (TTP)   4
CHEM 1120 - General Chemistry II (TTP)   4
ENGL 1010 - English Composition I   3
HUM/FA elective Humanities/Fine Arts Elective  3
MATH 1710 - Pre-calculus Algebra   3
MATH 1720 - Pre-calculus Trigonometry   3
MSBS elective Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective 3

Major Field Core

Course 18 SCH
Rubric/Number/Course Title Credit Hours
WTRQ 1001 - Orientation to Water Operations   1
WTRQ 1210 - Regulations & Compliance   2
WTRQ 1410 - Water Facilities & Maintenance   3
WTRQ 2390 - Capstone   3

(Students must choose to complete a sequence of three courses (9 Credit Hours) in a focus area: Water Operations or Wastewater Operations


Rubric/Number Course Title Credit Hours
WTRQ 2110 - Water Distribution   3
WTRQ 2150 - Water Treatment   3
WTRQ 2180 - Small Water Systems   3
WTRQ 2210 - Wastewater Treatment I    3
WTRQ 2220 - Wastewater Treatment II   3
WTRQ 2270 - Solids & Hazardous Waste   3

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