Dec 10, 2023  
Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

ACA 5000 - Worker Characteristics

Clock Hours: 6

Course Description:
Course Description: The goal of the course is to improve the essential worker characteristics of students to prepare them for entrance into the workforce.  The course is based around the ten traits that have been identified as being needed to foster positive work habits.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

  1.  Attendance    
    1. Attends Class as scheduled.
    2. Arrives/leaves on time (no tardies)
    3. Notifies instructor prior to or day of being absent.
  2. Character         
    1. Displays loyalty, honestly, trustworthiness.
    2. Displays dependability and reliability.
    3. Displays initiative, self-discipline and self-responsibility.
    4. Displays self-discipline and performs what is ask of them.
  3. Teamwork       
    1. Respects the rights of others.
    2. Maintains appropriate confidentiality.
    3. Is a team worker that is cooperative, mannerly, and appropriately assertive.
    4. Displays a customer service attitude.
    5. Seeks opportunities for continuous learning from others.
  4. Appearance    
    1. Demonstrates appropriate dress indicative of trade.
    2. Demonstrates professional grooming and hygiene.
    3. Presents oneself professionally each day.
  5. Attitude           
    1. Displays a positive and professional attitude.
    2. Displays self-confidence.
    3. Displays high expectations of success in trade.
  6. Productivity    
    1. Follows safety practices.
    2. Maintains a neat and clean work area.
    3. Follows directions and procedures.
    4. Completes assignments in keeping with deadlines.
  7. Organization Skills      
    1. Prioritizes and manages class time.
    2. Demonstrates flexibility in handling change.
  8. Communication           
    1. Displays appropriate nonverbal skills (eye contact, body language).
    2. Displays appropriate listening skills.
    3. Uses appropriate language on a professional level.
  9. Cooperation   
    1. Displays leadership skills.
    2. Appropriately handles criticism, conflicts and complaints.
    3. Maintains appropriate relationships with instructors and peers.
    4. Follows requests of instructor.
  10. Respect            
    1. Engages with cultural and racial diversity in a professional manner.
    2. Refrains from engaging in harassment of any kind.
    3. Encourages others to avoid harassment.