Oct 04, 2023  
Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

ENTR 1310 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Credit hours: 3

Corequisites: ENTR 1300 - ACCT & FIN MGMT for Entrepreneurs  

Course Description:
This course provides an introduction to entrepreneurship. Topics include the economic, social, and political climate of entrepreneurship, recognizing entrepreneurial opportunities, product and service development, market exploration, and risks and rewards of entrepreneurship.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will:

  1. Discuss different aspects of entrepreneurship and their related processes.
  2. Recognize entrepreneurial opportunities.
  3. Articulate the process of developing products and services based on customer needs.
  4. Articulate legal and ethical issues associated with entrepreneurship.
  5. Develop elementary marketing and management plans for a new business venture.  
  6. Recognize different aspects of the economic, social, and political climate of entrepreneurship.
  7. Recognize and explain the basic business implications of franchising and licensing of products or services.
  8. Prepare basic business budgets.