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Course/Program Inventory 
Course/Program Inventory

Course/Program Inventory


The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) provides its online common course inventory for community colleges (or common curriculum inventory for technical colleges) as a tool for faculty, staff, and administrators to use in academic program planning. It is not intended for use in advising. TBR does not guarantee that the information contained within the site is up-to-date, complete and accurate. Individuals assume any risks associated with relying upon such information without checking other credible sources, such as a College Catalog or TBR policies. Content within the site is for information purposes only and does not represent the official Academic Program Inventory at any specific TBR institution.

Welcome to the online TBR Catalog. 

This resource provides an inventory of courses and programs delivered at the 13 community colleges and 27 colleges of applied technology (TCATs) in The College System of Tennessee. The information provided is to be used as a tool by the faculty, staff, and administrators of the colleges to establish the academic programs to address the specific needs of the region and populations served. The courses and programs listed and described in this online Catalog may or may not be available at any specific community college or TCAT.

This listing of community college courses and TCAT programs should not be used as an advising tool and is not intended as a resource to assist students in the development of their academic program map or career path.  Instead, the general public and students should refer to the Catalog published by the college(s) being considered for enrollment.

Courses developed by the faculty of TBR’s 13 community college are identified by course identifiers, title, and minimal student outcomes that define the course.  Each institution choosing to deliver a course defined in this Catalog must ensure that those competencies are met and may also add other competencies to enhance knowledge and skills taught in the course.  However, additions should not redefine the course so that it is more aligned with another existing course.  

Program curriculum developed by the faculty at TBR’s 26 technical colleges are identified by course codes, title, and minimal student competencies that define the program.  Each institution choosing to deliver a program defined in this Catalog must ensure that those competencies are met to enhance knowledge and skills essential to success in the occupational field.

This inventory is always a “work in progress” and requires a process of continuous quality improvement.  As needed, a discipline-specific statewide curriculum committee, with a faculty representative from each existing program, will meet to revise or add new courses, or otherwise make changes to the approved course inventory of at community colleges and common program curricula at TCATs.  Changes to courses and program curriculum will be made upon recommendations from the appropriate statewide curriculum committee(s) to address new technologies, industry standards, and workforce needs.

If questions or concerns are identified or for more information, please contact:

For Community College Courses:   Dr. Tom Sewell
  E-Mail:      tom.sewell@tbr.edu
  Phone: 615-366-2211
For Colleges of Applied Technology:  Dr. Tachaka Hollins
  E-Mail:       tachaka.hollins@tbr.edu
  Phone:      615-366-4459